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Hon. Justice Kate Abiri. CON

Chief Judge of Bayelsa State

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The Bayelsa State Judiciary came into being as a result of the State’s creation exercise of the year 1996

Then the Bayelsa State Judiciary began, there were only six (6) High Court Judges. Hon. Justice K.D. Ungbuku was appointed the Chief Judge while L.M. Boufini (now Hon. Justice L.M. Boufini) was the Chief Registrar.

There were also eight (8) Magistrates of various grades and about thirty-four(34) members of staff of different grades and cadres as supporting staff

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The Governing Council of the Bayelsa Multi-Door Court (BMDC), under the Chairmanship of Hon. Justice Kate Abiri, CON. at its Inaugural meeting on Wednesday, 14 December 2022, approved the appointment of Mrs. Nyingi Eke-Spiff Utomvie, as New Substantive Director of the Bayelsa Multi-Door Court Hour Until her appointment Mrs. Nyingi Eke-Spiff Utomvie was the Acting...

00December 19, 2022December 19, 2022

Inauguration of Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Council & Secretariat.

Inauguration of Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Council & Secretariat and Public Presentation of Practice Directions. Date: Tuesday, 14th June 2022 Venue: Multi-Door Courthouse, High Court Complex, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

00June 15, 2022June 15, 2022
00June 6, 2022December 19, 2022